I wish all the job interviews had this kind of questions.

I’m 100% sure I won’t be successful but it’d be a better world if employers asked this kind of questions during interviews. I love these guys. Oh and thanks for the opportunity!

Where did you read about the job opening?
- On your website into the recruitment section

What does Lomography represent to you and what do you like about it?
- I don’t remember when and why I first heard the word Lomography, probably during some research online. I started to be into photography in general when I found an old Nikon Nikomat EL in a drawer that belongs to my dad and I started experimenting with it with no film inside, just to understand how a SRL works. Then I bought my first DSRL and I started to shoot many pictures with that and started a collaboration with a booking agency that organised concert in my town as their official photographer. I’ve had such a great time that winter. But I wanted to know more about light and photography. Digital wasn’t enough. I loaded a film into my dad’s SRL and I was amazed about the magic that stays behind the light that prints images. It’s just physics and it amazed me. I was also very fascinated about the difference in terms of colours between digital and analogue. I loved the “imperfection” of the film. That period I started walking around thrift markets searching for old cameras and toy cameras, and doing crazy stuff with films like boiling them or leaving them under the sun and all of this kind of things, I tried to shoot first with this “gear”, and then with some films bought from Lomography website, because I wanted to try some of those fancy vintage colours. That time I also built a pinhole camera too with just some cardboard. And seeing that thing producing images touched me a lot to be honest. Then every trip was an excuse to buy more films as in my town (Cagliari-Sardinia-Italy) I didn’t have any place to buy them. I was astonished about the results, no filter and no photoshop adjustment can be compared to what I obtained, I was speechless! Then two years and a half ago I moved to London and for my birthday I got a Diana F+ that now stays alongside my other analogue cameras.

Why did you apply for this job?
- Because I like photography and I like Lomography as a discipline and as a label. I understand that keep on dragging the analogue in a digital world it’s hard. Kodak crisis, lack of films around, lack of cameras etc…but it’s challenging. And I genuinely admire the choice you guys made to bring this project to live. I bet that in the first years as a start-up it felt a bit risky and crazy but then “whatever” and you tried anyway, it’s a remarkable attitude to me and I love it. I think it’s worth to keep analog alongside digital as they are almost two different things that in common have just that we’re talking about the same discipline.

Are you familiar with analogue photography, especially with analogue technique of cameras?

- Yes I am and I am a regular user of analogue cameras.

Did you have the chance to use our products? What is your favourite product? Why?
- I did of course. I love the simplicity of my Diana F+ it’s so fun to use it, but I don’t like the 1:1 format it has, therefore what I really like is to try many 35mm films from your store and use them in conjunction with the quality of the lens of my old Nikon SRL, in order to use all the manual settings that a reflex has, respect the rule of thirds, and obtain those beautifully balanced quality images with the vintage colours your films give.

Please name 3 brands and let us know what effect they have on consumer? (Because of their design / marketing / or any other reason).
- 1 Apple: I am an Apple consumer and just looking at a MacBook or an iPhone laying on a table is a pleasure for the eyes, as touching their products is joy for your hands because of the build quality and the materials, it’s a shame when they fall on the floor though. 2 Macbeth Footwear: a clothing company started by Tom Delonge of Blink 182. He started the company out of nothing he just had an idea and some money. Again, it was risky but he didn’t care, he tried and it worked. I just can’t help but repeating that I love this attitude. And I’m also a consumer of their products. 3 Google: I think that what they do and all the services (services not devices) they provide without asking anything back from their users and finding the way to make money out of it in other ways it’s very remarkable.

What Magazines and websites are you reading / visiting on a regular basis?
- I don’t have a regular website. I just like to keep myself updated about technology throughout forums and blog that I randomly find online, of course I visit the most famous websites about that like The Verge, I consume videos on YouTube a lot and I like to discover new stuff on Tumblr, mainly for photography things on this case, but also for everything that catches my attention.

What was the last exhibition / party you went to?
- It was a concert at The Old Blue Last where the band of a friend of mine was playing and where I took pictures of the performance.

Do you have your own blog or website? If yes, what is it about?
- I do. I have my photography page on Facebook where I upload the pictures I take. I use that mainly for live concert pictures as this gave me the chance to shoot more pictures, but there are two albums for general photography. One fore digital and one for analogue. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matt-Photography/135277983176684?ref=hl . I also have a blog on Tumblr where I repost or post literally everything that catches my attention.

What international experience do you have?
- I am from Italy and I moved in London two and a half years ago. I do have experience of what it’s the professional environment in both of the countries. Out of the professional experience I learned a lot about British culture and London universe since I moved here. Aside from that I travelled a lot around Europe since I’ve got memory of as I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who are really into traveling.

What goals do you have in your career? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? (this is a general question and does not have to be with Lomography)
- Ten years is a very long time. As far as I’ve seen just in two years a life can drastically change. I don’t know where do I see myself but I know where I’d like to see myself. I’d really like to have a job that I love, that I really care about, and that it makes me proud of what I do. I worked for money since I moved here in London, yes you force yourself to like it but after a while you can’t help but realising that it’s not where you belong. You need money yes, but it leaves you a sense of underachievement.

What sales experience do you have?
- I worked for Hakkasan Mayfair a Chinese Michelin Starred Restaurant for an entire year as a Commis Waiter and I accomplished their Food Training which wasn’t just about food and menus but also about up-selling items we could offer and customer service. I am currently employed with Virgin Active as a Lifeguard and in a matter days I’ll start their training to be moved to the Sales Department.

Did you use your English already in a business context? If yes, in what context exactly?
- I use English every day for the most various reasons. Using English at work forces you to use it in a business way. I use English in a business way mainly for customer service, when I have to assist customers, in fact part of my job as a Lifeguard is not just about guarding the safety but it’s also about assist customers if they have any need. Same applies when I worked at the restaurant. It was Michelin starred one therefore you cannot speak to a guest normally as you would do in other places, but you have to mind to be words you use, the tone of your voice and the way how you build a sentence.

Would you have any more projects running besides Lomography? On what other projects would you be working on at the same time?
- If hypothetically I get employed by Lomography that would be my only occupation on the professional side. On the personal side I am only busy in carrying on my photography passion.

What motivates you and how do you motivate people in your team?
-To see the target. If the target is clear and we managed how to achieve it, there’s nothing that motivates me more than obtaining it and so I’d do with other people.

Please suggest an event in the Lomography Gallery Store to promote the products and increase sales! (What events do you think would fit our brand?)
- Instore workshops. To teach people how to use products how to process or scan films etc. To teach about the history of photography and the photographers that made history of photography. Teach people about what they’re buying and they’ll come back to buy something else. It works outrageously fine for Apple to ignore the fact.

Please suggest 2 retailer events to promote our products and increase sales! (What events do you think would fit our brand?)
- 1 Music performances are a big deal. Maybe with independent artists and alternative kind of foods around the venue maybe. Lomography customers like to discover and try new or different things. 2 Goodybags and leaflet to be spread around the shops.

In which retail stores / chains would you suggest selling Lomography products in general? (please name categories and specific names/brands - as many as possible – all over the world)
- Topshop, Topman, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Vans, Cheap Monday, WESC, DropDead Clothing, Eastpak, Charartt, Apple, Curry’s Pc World, Jessops.

How would you describe our final consumers / target group (people who would come to buy our products)
- They’re people aged between 19 and 35 years old who are into photography and who like to discover the other face of it, usually they have an alternative lifestyle and they surround themselves by new and alternative things like music, clothing, food etc to discover alternative and more enjoyable ways of living.
What international fairs can you think of where we could represent our brand - Everything around that is about photography and music. Try to partner with big live events like the Reading Festival or the Vans Warped Tour might help a lot.

What do you do in your spare time? Where do you like to go out in the evening?
- I like to discover. I like to see places even not around London if possible. Otherwise I like to discover new kind of foods or places to take pictures of maybe. I’m not a really party animal. I just like to enjoy the spare time relaxing with the people I care about in places I like and doing things I like.

What are your salary expectations for this position?
- I would expect to earn in between £18000/20000 per annum.


this sums up the last year of my life.

And it has to be lived anyway. Nice.


In this empty house we’ll find some rescue

from all the dangers that youth hides

In this forgotten place we ended up

we’ll light our eyes watching these kids running wild

and sometimes it’s hard to just stay awake

when you just walk all the day away

sometimes it’s easy to see you crying

cos I can’t even melt my heart tonight

well, the strongest winds might never even find you

as you’re hiding your secrets in the sand

and as I’m sailing through the seas of desire

you’re moving me with nothing but your hands

we can try to dry out all the water

and make a living out of nothing but plans

and if you’re feeling all this weight on your shoulders

it’s not late to start it over again

this empty house, these broken years

those crying laughters, those melting tears

my empty eyes, your hollow dreams

that I destroyed with all of my fears

Sometimes it’s hard to just run away

when it’s your heart begging for words and preys

and sometimes it’s easy to leave them hiding

cos I can’t even melt my heart tonight

Birds are singing, 4 a.m. in the morning

I can hear them through the ear that you lend

trying to sleep though we’re not even tired

I believe that this might be the end

but you’ll have memories to fill your days

as you’re growing old by yourself

and you know that you can always find me

in the desert with all your secrets

my empty heart, my thoughtful lies

your hopeful darkness, these shining lights

if you’ll find your shelter right after the storm

will you make room for us till the day we’ll be gone?

will you make room for us till the day we’ll be gone?


The Heart And The Void - Empty House


Got excited when I shot this one but it didn’t receive much appreciation actually. Whatever, I still like it.


The Grand Tetons. You quickly feel how small you really are. 


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Fog used to be ominous. But now it's so incredibly beautiful. All I see is peace, and a reminder of the sweetest dream that God ever gave me. I find joy in the fog. 


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I am Matteo. I take pictures. I like music.