Brighton is a one hour journey by train from London. I should go there more often. I do love that place.

Sometimes I pretend to know how to use an analogue SLR and i get these results.

Have a bit of sunset.

Sometimes Cagliari doesn’t look that bad. A sneak peek of my hometown.

Flying over things at sunset, somewhere above Italy.

How do you explain the sunset if there’s no god? (Believer misspelled “there”
with “their”. Clap clap. )

So, in case you wondered, this is how crossing the Tower Bridge looks like at 22.20 in June. Yes it looks like a fucking wallpaper stuck on the windows.

Yes I like sunsets, and I like The Shard.

This is when I like this city.

Standard sunset.

The view from The Shard

The view from The Shard

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